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"Out to Pastor" > Who's That Rapping, Rapping At My Door?

16 Jun 2008

Sometimes I find it rather difficult to get my job done. I mean, there are some days when there are more interruptions than usual. Moreover, these interruptions keep me from getting my job done. Normally I do not mind interruptions, if there is a positive spin to it. But interruptions with no purpose in mind, is something I have a hard time dealing with on a daily basis.


Last Tuesday for example, I was busy working and my secretary was out of the office for the afternoon. I had settled down to concentrate on some work at hand. And believe me; it takes a whole lot of energy for me to get to that point of concentrating on the work at hand. Once I am in this mode, I do not like any interruptions.


I had no sooner got into my project than I heard a soft rapping at the door. I hollered, ''Come in,'' but got no response. The rapping continued, so, I had to quit what I was doing get up and go and answer the door.


I certainly do not mind visitors at my office. There many times I have had a very invigorating refreshing chat with somebody who just happened to stop by. Or, perhaps somebody stopped by for me to pray for them, which I object to not at all.


With a sense of grudgingly I went to the door and opened it to invite the visitor in. Much to my chagrin there was nobody at the door. Perhaps it was just the wind, so I closed the door and returned to my desk.


No sooner had I got back into my work mode than I heard the rapping at the door again. I hollered to say that the door was open and they could come in, but the rapping continued.

Once again, I stopped what I was doing, got up from my desk, went to the door and opened it only to discover nobody was there. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.


I do not mind if my mind is going to play games but I wish it would play games at a time when I can join in the merriment. At the moment, however, I had some work to be done and had no time to play games with my mind. If my mind has so much time on hand, why doesn't it help me with the job I am doing? Sometimes I think my mind has a mind of its own.


Then the rapping at the door came the third time. I did not even bother to holler I simply got up from my desk, went to the door and opened it but found as before nobody there.

At the moment, I wanted to give somebody or some thing a piece of my mind, but I am saving that piece for a real emergency.


With a heavy heart, I resumed my work at the desk and in a few moments, the rapping at the door came for the fourth time. I was ready this time, or so I thought, I sprang to my feet, rushed to the door and opened it as quickly as I could; hoping to catch what was making that noise at my door. Again, nothing.


I knew I was not going crazy (I've gone there years ago) so there had to be something to this rapping at my office door. I then had an idea. Next to the office door is a huge glass panel the size of the door. I would position myself so I could look through that glass and see who was rapping at the door. I must have caught my mind off guard because this was a good idea.


I did not have to wait very long before my menacing visitor showed up again and once more started rapping on my door. I was shocked at my caller. It turned out to be a very large blackbird that deliberately was rapping on my door. I slowly crawled to the glass to get a closer look at my unconventional guest. When I got there, the big blackbird noticed me, moved over to the glass in front of me and began rapping on the glass window in a very deliberately defiant manner.


I jumped up, ran to the door and opened it only to see this blackbird fly to a branch in a nearby tree. I scolded it from the open door and told that bird to ''knock it off.'' And then, much to my vexation, it sounded like he was laughing at me. I hate it when some fowl creature laughs at me.


I stared at that bird and from his perch high in the tree; he peered back at me and chuckled as only a blackbird can do.


I then had a little discussion with my mind and told it that it should be ashamed that a birdbrain had outwitted it.


I suppose my blackbird friend had enough for the day because the rapping discontinued. It gave me pause to think about what the apostle Paul said, ''And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.'' (Romans 12:2 KJV).


A mind yielded to God will never trick you with nonsense.


Rev. James L. Snyder