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Out to Pastor > I’m Totally Tired with El Negativity

6 Jun 2015

I will admit throughout the years I have had my negative moments and some negative rants. I know nobody can be 100% positive. I am 100% positive they cannot be 100% positive.

That being said, I think to have a positive outlook on life makes life happier, and who doesn’t want to have a happy life. The focus on the negative without any regard to the positive can be a very shocking life experience.

Everybody knows you have to have both a negative and positive for electricity to work. Do not ask me how that works; I have been shocked a few times and still I am in the dark.

I know there are two sides to every situation and story. I know that. After all, I am a husband. Even though there are two sides to every story, sometimes one side does not come to the surface.

In the husband and wife relationship, some call it marriage, there is both a positive and a negative. Some days it seems to be all negative. Then there are those wonderful days when it seems to be all positive. I really like those days. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be many of those sunny days.

Every relationship has ups and downs; times when you get along and then there are times that you do not get along. However, I have found that if you accent the positive in a relationship and sort of put the negative in the back closet, things seem to go along much more smoothly. As a husband, I have learned to choose my battles carefully and then once I have chosen a certain battle, I need to forget it. I have learned, get on with life by getting along with your wife.

I try to keep up with the stories on the news. It seems that you cannot get away from the news these days with all of this 24/7 kind of exposure. Whoever came up with this ought to be electrocuted. I am tired of news, news, news. And most of it negative.

I think it might be great, although it will not last very long, to have a news program some time devoted just to “good news.” The way things are today, I do not know if there is any good news out there. All we hear is the bad. The worse the news, the more publicity it gets on the media.

Then there is politics. I think there could be something positive to say about politics, but at this moment, nothing really comes to my mind. I will give this a lot of thought (actually not too much thought) and just see if there is anything positive I can say about politics.

For every positive you might find in politics, there are at least a dozen negative votes that completely swamp the positive. Of course, if you could get the negative and the positive together in politics, it would be a rather shocking experience.

I think some people are negative because they really do not know how to be positive. Nothing in their life seems to be positive and so the outcome is they are negative about everything.

After some long meditating and thinking about politics, I have discovered what is wrong with politics. Now I did not get a government grant to run this study in my head, I have just been thinking and have concluded on my own. The thing that is wrong with politics is simply politicians.

To find a politician balanced in the negative and the positive is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The problem with looking for a needle in a haystack is that when you find the needle you are stuck with it.

If only we could all agree on what is positive, then agree on what is negative and then try to find a balance between the two, it might serve us rather well. But that is asking too much, at least with the row of politicians standing before us these days.

But I am just tired of all the negativity we have. And it is not only in politics.

Religion is also full of negativity. I am tired of all the negative comments that come out of the mouth of people who are religious.

I think religion, for the most part, has more negatives than positives. In fact, I think they know more about the negatives and have forgotten completely about anything positive. But that is the nature of religion.

The problem with religion is the same problem with politics. The people running religion are the ones causing all the problems. If we just get rid of leaders in our country today who are all negative, we might have a chance of looking on a positive future.

The only positive I see today is in Christianity. Not the Christianity of religion; that’s a given that it is more negative than positive. But the Christianity that focuses on the person of Jesus Christ. I choose to be a follower of Jesus.

Can I get an Amen?

Jesus had a positive message. “Come unto me, all yethat labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

I know can we cannot be 100% positive, but I think we should focus a little more on the positive and really enjoy the rest God has for us.