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Out to Pastor > And Then There Were Four

20 Aug 2021

Over a year ago, I got out of bed, went to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee and then I went to the back porch to see if I had any visitors.

I have foxes, possums, cats, and raccoons (who are politically correct and wear masks when they come). I put food out for them, and they help themselves. Every morning the food dishes are empty and waiting to be filled.

It's great at night to look out and see some of these critters coming in for their evening snack.

This morning, as I looked out, I saw a little kitty on the porch. I had no idea where this little kitty came from or how it got to our back porch.

I opened the door, stepped out, and the little kitty ran and hid. She thought she was hiding, but I could see exactly where she was So I left her alone and went and got some food for her. I put it in the dish and stood there waiting for her to come over, instead, she sat there, looked at me, then looked at the dish and then looked back at me.

I knew what she was doing, and so I had to get out of the way so she could come and eat her breakfast.

I tried keeping this information from my wife because she does not like animal pets. At least that's what she says. According to her, all of these animals have fleas, and she hates fleas.

Trying to keep something secret from her is way above my pay scale. She knows exactly what I'm thinking three days before actually thinking it. If I was smart, and I ain't, I would have her pick the winning horse in the next horserace.

In time she became aware of my porch friend, and in no uncertain terms, she wanted it gone.

Contrary to her expectations, I kept feeding the little kitty, and like all little kitties, it grew into an adult, and I noticed that the older she got, the more she attracted other cats. But, of course, at the time, I thought nothing of it and just kept feeding her and her friends as they came.

"We must," my wife said most emphatically, "get rid of that little kitty because it can't stay here."

"Well," I said as patiently as possible, "I’ll get rid of it when it's old enough to leave."

"When will that be?"

I couldn't tell her because I didn't have an exit plan for the kitty.

A few months past and I noticed the little kitty was growing, and her belly seemed to be expanding. I just thought she was well fed.

It was my wife who noticed what was happening at the time.

"That kitty better not be pregnant," my wife stated most alarmingly.

She looked at me and said, "Stop that smiling. I can see it."

It was a very exciting day for me to realize that my little kitty would have another little kitty. This meant we could not get rid of the little kitty until she had her little kitties.

In due time Miss Kitty had her little kittens. She had for, only one survived. That one was white and very cute.

"If you are going to keep it, it will have to be neutered. I will make the arrangements."

When my wife makes arrangements, you can be sure those arrangements are made.

We had to wait until this little kitty had grown to the place where she could eat for itself. Then, finally, we found someone who wanted the kitty and so we gave it to them.

The appointment for the neutering had been made.

I went along with it, after all, what else could I do.

Several days before the appointment, I looked at Miss Kitty and noticed that her belly was expanding like before. Of course, I kept this as quiet as possible, but you know how that works.

Looking out onto the porch, my wife said, "Oh, no, it can't be so."

Not knowing what she was talking about, I inquired, and was informed she thought Miss Kitty was pregnant again.

After a few days of observation, she concluded that she was pregnant. Then she had to call the neutering service and cancel the appointment. You can't neuter a pregnant kitty.

She looked at me with a sour grimace and said, "You better not be laughing."

I often laugh on the inside and try to keep it from the outside. So I was, and I wasn't going to tell her, very happy that we will have some more little kitties.

In due time she did have her kitties, and this time she had four kitties, and all of them lived. It must be the same father because one of them was all white.

What we're going to do with all those little kitties, I'm not quite sure. But I'm going to enjoy them while we have them.

As I was watching Miss Kitty nurse her little kitties, I thought of a Bible verse. "When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him" (Proverbs 16:7).

Watching Miss Kitty and her little ones brought peace to me. I can forget what's going on out in the world and concentrate on the peace right here with Miss Kitty and her little ones.