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Feb 27, 2009 --


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Award-Winning Author Helps us Understand the Life of A.W. Tozer and the

Far-Reaching Ministry and Legacy He Left Behind


Ventura, California (January 30, 2009) - To understand the continued and far-reaching ministry of A.W. Tozer, it is important to know who he was and his relationship with God. Reverend James L. Snyder lets us in on the life and times of a deep thinker who was not afraid to "tell it like it is" and never compromised his beliefs in The Life of A.W. Tozer (Regal, February 2009). A.W. Tozer's spiritual legacy continues today as his writings challenge readers to a deeper relationship and worship of God in reverence and adoration. Here is Tozer's life story, from boyhood and his conversion at the age of seventeen, to his years of pastoring and writing more than 40 books, at least two regarded as Christian classics that continue to appear on best-seller lists today. Examining Tozer's life allows the reader to learn from a prophet with much to say against the compromises he observed in contemporary Christian living and the hope he found in his incredible God.

"The Life of A.W. Tozer gives a behind the scenes look at the man and his message. We see God at work with hammer and chisel to shape Tozer's life into a vessel capable of influencing all who desire to walk with God. No single author has influenced me personally more than A.W. Tozer. I thank God for his influence in my life."

- Gary M. Benedict, President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance


The one great obsession of A.W. Tozer's life was worship. Many have written about worship, but Tozer surpassed them all in simple passion and supreme purpose. Compiled from material never before published, The Purpose of Man (Regal, February 2009) presents A.W. Tozer's systematic teaching on worship, the subject close to his heart. One of the first in evangelical circles to call attention to the doctrine of worship, Tozer knew worship as the purpose of man and the expectation of God. His thoughts on this subject were deeply rooted in biblical doctrine and historic writings, blending Scripture with some of the great devotional writers throughout history. Like sitting down with Tozer, this book delivers Tozer's soul cry on worship and will inspire readers to not only understand worship, but also experience it in his or her own heart.


"This will be the best teaching in my ministry. I want to deliver my soul as a prophet of God to the people, and to explain why we were created and why we are here, not to the satisfaction of the needed appetite only but to something bigger, grander and more eternal, that we might worship God and enjoy Him forever."

- A.W. Tozer

Thank you for considering these books for review. To book an interview with James L. Snyder or for more information, please contact me at jackiemorales(äregalbooks.comor (800) 235-3415 ext. 1248. Or visit James L. Snyders website at www.awtozerclassics.com

The Purpose of Man

Religion/Christian Life/Spiritual Growth ISBN: 08307.46897 US $14.99

Trade Paper • 224 pages. February 2009

The Life of A.W. Tozer

Biography & Autobiography/ Religious. ISBN: 08307.46943 US $14.99

Trade Paper • 256 pages. February 2009